LMS Little Mermaid is spectacular. Another show tomorrow night, don’t miss it!
about 5 years ago, Ann Pedersen
Live action from LMS students
Please join us as the Varsity Baseball Team hosts its first annual Baseball Clinic on Saturday, 3/16/19 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at LHS. The Clinic is open to any student in Grades 3-8 and costs $15.00 per student. Come have some fun and work on your baseball skills!!
about 5 years ago, Michael Gordon
Clinica Beisbol
Baseball Clinic
Mrs. Moreno and her readers ✅
about 5 years ago, Christine Moore
LMS Drama Club productions are this Thursday and Friday! Come see a great show!
about 5 years ago, Lawrence Music Department
Little Mermaid Jr.
Please see LMS March Calendar for upcoming events
about 5 years ago, Willis Perry
LMS March Calendar
Auditorium seats
about 5 years ago, Jeremy Feder
seats update
Monday March 4th weather delay - 2 hours delayed start. See start times: ECC@#4 —-11:10am Primary School @#2 —10:50am Elementary -10:45am Middle School —9:48am High School —9:49am Middle and High School students report to third period at that time. Regular time afternoon dismissal and busing. Thank you and be safe.
about 5 years ago, Lawrence School District
Due to the storm, Monday will be a 2 hour delayed opening.
about 5 years ago, Ann Pedersen
Reading across pre-K in Lawrence!
about 5 years ago, Ann Pedersen
Dr. Seuss was everywhere!
Catching snowflakes ❄️
about 5 years ago, Christine Moore
Reading fun!
about 5 years ago, Christine Moore
Room 22B
Read Across America was so special at Lawrence Primary School. We love our guest readers and WE LOVE TO READ! 📚
about 5 years ago, Christine Moore
Toni Liberty, from Peninsula Public Library - ❤️
Celebrating Read Across America Day
about 5 years ago, Nicole Marron-Quinn
A very special guest reader for Read Across America Day
As some of you may be aware, there has been national media coverage lately about an online issue referred to as the “Momo Challenge.” The reports outline a disturbing social media trend that was targeting children online via popular social media channels, encouraging them to participate in dangerous tasks and self-harm. While there are also reports that the threat of the Momo Challenge may be overstated, we felt it important to make you aware of it. Additionally, given the growing national media coverage of the Momo Challenge, experts on mental health caution that such hysterical news coverage could potentially prove harmful, possibly even inspiring imitators. It can also cause some students to be fearful or anxious. We encourage our parents to take this as an opportunity to have intentional conversations with their children about what they encounter online. These discussions could include: Reminding children to never contact strangers online, on any platform; Encourage children to share any worries or concerns with you; Ensure children understand the importance of not giving personal information to anyone they do not know; Tell children no one has the right to make them do anything they do not want to do; Set privacy systems on devices with your child as a way to have the conversation about safety. It is also important for parents to know what children can access online. We have the following suggestions for families: Set privacy settings for all social media and gaming applications; Keep video games and YouTube watching in shared family spaces; Set up video game restrictions to friends only; Set up “restricted” mode on YouTube for your child’s account so inappropriate content is not available to them, or stream YouTube content through a family-friendly site such as watchkin.com; Visit other internet safety resources like Family Online Safety Institute, Common Sense Media, Creating a Family Media Plan (American Academy of Pediatrics), Teaching Kids About Internet Safety (GCFLearnFree.org), and Talking with Kids About Being Online (Federal Trade Commission). As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact any member of your building’s leadership team. Our district’s school psychologists and counselors are ready and available to assist.
about 5 years ago, Ann Pedersen
Auditorium seats
about 5 years ago, Jeremy Feder
auditorium seats installation
auditorium seats being installed
Attendance counts! School reopens Monday from break. See you ALL then!
about 5 years ago, Ann Pedersen
Be on time to school, it is important.
Aim for good attendance.
Lawrence School District public schools will be on winter break from February 16th to February 24th. Schools & offices will reopen on Monday, February 25th. Please take a look at our March monthly calendar below and check our events section for all events at a glance.
over 5 years ago, Lawrence School District
March 2019 District Calendar Page
Water Main Leak repaired water pressure normal in all buildings after a brief 30-45 minute interruption of service.
over 5 years ago, Ann Pedersen
Thank You Brandon!
over 5 years ago, Jeremy Feder
Thank You Brandon