The Lawrence Board of Education along with Dr Pedersen were excited to hear,and are closely following, the updated guidance from the Governor regarding high school sports. We will be awaiting clarification from the county athletic organization as to the implementation of that guidance. The physical and emotional health of all our students is our priority. As soon as we have more information we will let you know. As always, stay safe. Thank you Dr. Pedersen
about 8 hours ago, Ann Pedersen
Lawrence COVID Update Thursday January 20th A case from the Middle School will require quarantine of several 8th grade teachers. This will result in EIGHTH Grade being on FULL Remote until 2/1. We also had a Primary School case reported and a high school case with no close contacts reported today. Our in person learners and staff are following protocols which, while limiting gatherings and movement, reduces contact. We miss pre-pandemic school but are grateful to all for the cooperation and safe practices. Stay Well Dr. Pedersen
5 days ago, Ann Pedersen
Beautiful view on the outside and beautiful minds in the inside!!!
5 days ago, Brett Kornblum
Lawrence Tuesday January 19th Today had 5 new reported cases. These include : 1 remote from the ECC 2 Middle School and 2 remote from the Primary School We appreciate our full remote families keeping us informed. The county infection rate remains high and the case count reminds us all how carefully we must continue to follow safety protocols. Stay safe and strong. Dr. Pedersen
6 days ago, Ann Pedersen
Good afternoon Lawrence Tonight at 7:30 pm is the commUNITY Coalition event featuring Dwania Kyles who was part of the desegregation of the the Memphis Public Schools as a first grader in 1961. I hope you will be able to join the zoom. She is a remarkable woman who reminds us all to keep love in our hearts. Here is the registration link: Thank you Dr. PEDERSEN
7 days ago, Ann Pedersen
Lawrence Friday January 15th We had no cases today reported districtwide today. Monday school will be closed in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The commUNITY coalition will have a special event Monday evening with guest speaker Dwania Kyles who was part of a group of 13 first graders during desegregation of the Memphis Schools. The link can be found on I hope you will join us. Thank you and stay strong, safe, and kind. Dr. Pedersen
10 days ago, Ann Pedersen
Lawrence Thursday January 14th Good evening. Lawrence had no reported cases today. We have approximately 40 staff and students district wide that are continuing their quarantine. The cooperation of all members of our learning community shows the strength of this beautiful community. Thank you. Dr. Pedersen
10 days ago, Ann Pedersen
3 ws
Lawrence Monday Update: Today we were made aware of three news cases, one Primary School, one Early Childhood Center, and one at Elementary School. Close contacts have been notified and are quarantining. Due to the number of second grade staff quarantined, the second graders will be on full remote for the remainder of the week. Nassau County positivity rate remains elevated, and we see this in an increased number of cases. Please restrict social contact and follow the three w’s to keep safe. Stay hopeful, every day more people are getting vaccinated. Patience and good practices will get us through. Thank you Dr. Pedersen
14 days ago, Ann Pedersen
Good Afternoon Lawrence We end our first week back reporting 4 “off site cases” from the break. Additionally, on Friday we had a case at the Primsry School requiring close contacts to quarantine and another case with no close contacts at the High School. The updated link to our cases is here: On a positive note, several staff received the vaccine this week and we are hopeful that the weeks ahead will see more and more availability of the vaccine. Please continue to stay safe and strong. Thank you Dr. Pedersen
17 days ago, Ann Pedersen
Some Lawrence staff , identified as NYS group 1A , have started to get the vaccine. This is very good news and we anxiously await vaccines being made available to our teachers, staff, children, and families. I’m pretty certain we all want one of these “ proof of COVID vaccination cards”.
17 days ago, Ann Pedersen
11th Graders meeting with Andrea Nadler from Hofstra University.
18 days ago, Kathleen Stanley
Andrea Nadler, Hofstra Admissions Dean, meets virtually with 11th graders.
Lawrence’s first vaccination! Nurse Susan Brooks from Lawrence Middle School proudly displays her vaccination band-aid and says “ We can do this America!” Today the county opened up vaccination for school nurses. We are delighted to see this process begin.
19 days ago, Ann Pedersen
Nurse Brooks
Dear Lawrence Families, The district has been notified of positive COVID-19 cases (unrelated to one another). Please see the following letter for more information. Stay well!
21 days ago, Lisa Tariq
Quarantine Reminders For travel out of the tristate - The traveler must, upon arrival in New York, quarantine for three days. On day 4 of their quarantine, the traveler must obtain another COVID test. If both tests comes back negative, the traveler may exit quarantine early upon receipt of the second negative diagnostic test. For CLOSE CONTACT NYS has now aligned with the CDC and quarantine is now 10 days or 7 days if a negative test is taken between days 5 and 7. Persons who come out of quarantine are advised to continue to monitor for symptoms for 14 days. Please feel free to email with any questions, these are certainly confusing times. Thank you
22 days ago, Ann Pedersen
Welcome to 2021! School will reopen on Monday, January 4th. Please remember to complete the health app, stay home if you have any symptoms, and follow quarantine guidelines for any travel you may have taken. With the vaccine on the horizon we are hopeful for the future, however we must remain mindful of safety protocols to keep one another healthy. Onward to a safe and healthy 2021! Dr. Pedersen
24 days ago, Ann Pedersen
Dear Lawrence Families, The district has been notified of 2 positive COVID-19 cases (unrelated to one another). Please see the following letter for more information. Stay well!
about 1 month ago, Lisa Tariq
Good afternoon Lawrence, The Department of Health has alerted us to a positive case at the High School, last date in school was Monday the 14th. Any close contacts are being notified. We also have an unrelated HS case with no close contacts. During the break please email me with any COVID questions or case notifications To ensure the safest tracing process, we need to be contacted directly please. Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of a very long year. I hope it finds you all well. Stay strong and stay safe. All my best, Dr. Pedersen
about 1 month ago, Ann Pedersen
Santa visited the 195 Campus right before our snow day. Thankful that Assistant Principals Brett Kornblum and Kathleen Graham were able to help facilitate this visit. Merry Christmas!
about 1 month ago, Ann Pedersen
Much Lawrence Pride to Daniela Andrade on her early acceptance to HARVARD. College Bound! We encourage all our students to access their SAT prep opportunities. Congratulations Daniela.
about 1 month ago, Ann Pedersen
Thursday December 17th Have a safe and beautiful snow Day! Put your Chromebooks and tech down and enjoy the beauty of the world. The quiet and beauty is timeless. It sifts from Leaden Sieves BY EMILY DICKINSON Written in 1830 It powders all the Wood. It fills with Alabaster Wool The Wrinkles of the Road - It makes an even Face Of Mountain, and of Plain - Unbroken Forehead from the East Unto the East again - It reaches to the Fence - It wraps it Rail by Rail Till it is lost in Fleeces - It deals Celestial Vail
about 1 month ago, Ann Pedersen