LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (FEBRUARY 2023)—In collaboration with the Warren Levi’s Center for Martial Arts and Fitness, Lawrence Primary School presented an interactive assembly for its students focusing on setting and achieving goals.

“This assembly aligns with our district and school-wide focus on helping students learn how to identify and set their goals using the Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) approach,” said Kristen McLoughlin, Principal of Lawrence Primary School. “Using their imagination, listening skills to follow directions, and discipline to monitor their actionsstudents gained a preview as to how these skills can transfer into their school work and everyday lives to help them achieve their goals!”

Representatives from Warren Levi’s Center for Martial Arts and Fitness led the Lawrence Primary School students in various activities that focused on skills they could use to set and achieve their goals. The instructors also helped the students understand the difference between short-term and long-term goals and the interplay between the two.

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Photos 1-2: Lawrence Primary School students listening to the Warren Levi’s Center for Martial Arts and Fitness representative during the assembly Photo 3: Lawrence Primary School students using their listening skills and participating during the assembly