Welcome to Lawrence Public Schools

Dr. Ann Pedersen, Superintendent of Schools

Jeremy Feder, Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations   


Fall is a season of rapid change and tremendous beauty, surrounding us with magnificent colors and clean crisp air. Inside of our school buildings, change is also beautiful and rapid. Our learners are changing by acquiring and applying new knowledge. In this time of change, perseverance and passion for learning are key to meeting the demands of new grade levels, courses, and learning standards. 

To fall in love with learning our learners need to foster GRIT to persevere through academic challenges. Quizzes, tests, and homework assess the level of mastery, soon followed by progress reports and report cards. In GRIT, Angela Duckworth quotes the Chinese proverb, "Fall seven, rise eight". We encourage our learners to use all supports to "rise up" and improve; attend extra help, set aside dedicated time to study, ask questions in class, be on time, be present and be attentive.

May the falling leaves serve to remind us all of the ever-present cycle of renewal that the school year and the season of fall present. 

Proudly Lawrence, 

Dr. Ann Pedersen

Superintendent of Schools

Fall Superintendent's Message