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Welcome to Lawrence Public Schools


The mission of the Lawrence Public Schools, a unifying force at the heart of a cultural mosaic, is to ensure all learners reach their highest individual potential, through an academically rigorous educational system that inspires life-long learning; focuses on creative, student-centered teaching and learning; and enables all to possess the confidence and abilities to meet life’s challenges.

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After many meetings and lengthy discussions to get input and feedback from a wide-range of stakeholders, a recommendation has been made to the Board of Education to develop a restructuring plan for the District. Based on opinions of our stakeholders, at this point in time our plan is bold, sensible and builds on our success. This success is reflected by:

  • an Instructional Leadership Team that has laser focus on achievement
  • teachers committed to data driven instruction fully aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards
  • scores on the rise and in some areas inching ahead of neighboring districts
  • prestigious awards for student achievements –most recently out of 1000’s nationwide 96 were selected as Siemens Finalists- we have not just one but two finalists from LHS (Lee Blackburn and Arthur Chen)
  • numerous state and national awards English Language Arts, Technology, Psychology, Business, Robotics, Music, Art, and Athletics - just to name a few
  • 17 Advanced Placement Courses- one the most expansive offerings for any HS on LI with Lawrence scoring competitively among the highest performing districts
  • Accelerated Courses in the Middle School that enable students to earn Regents credits before they graduate the 8th grade
  • a wide variety of extracurricular clubs and activities- 44 at LHS, 18 at LMS, and 6 in each elementary
  • the only fully implemented, full day free, Universal Pre-K in Nassau County. It also includes free transportation and for those who have been with us since PRE-K we have a High School graduation rate of 99%

Our mission is to serve as the unifying force at the heart of a cultural mosaic. We celebrate our diversity and embrace those who have come to Lawrence in pursuit of the American Dream. We are Lawrence Family. We are strong. The strength of our bond gets tested and each time we are strengthened even more. 


The process began in July with a question: how to plan for the use of revenue from the sale of Number Six School? It was determined that a full review of districtwide building utilization and building improvements was needed. This review was framed by factors that we can control and others that we cannot control. The NYS Tax Cap forces districts throughout New York to make cuts making limited funding available for capital improvements. In Lawrence, with the Tax Cap and with a record fiscal responsibility we still have one of the highest per pupil expenditures in Nassau County. In part, this is due to declining enrollments that we have seen over the last 15-20 years. We now have 2880 students in the Lawrence Public Schools. Over the years this has led to empty classrooms and underutilized spaces.

At one time there were 1800 students in Lawrence Middle School. Now there are 770. Walking through the Lawrence Middle School today you can find 11 empty classrooms. In addition, we have classrooms used by two or three office staff, or full classrooms designated for administrators. Taking those into account, we have well over 20 available classrooms in the Middle School. Fortunately this is not a problem. A problem is when you do not have enough space, yet it is indefensible to maintain these empty and underutilized spaces while having one of the highest per pupil expenditures.

At the heart of this plan is a structure supported by research and aligned with New York State curriculum, instruction, and evaluation for grades 3-8.  A secondary goal of this plan will be to generate a revenue stream, through the leasing of a building that will provide us with the financial means to ensure our rich array of districtwide programs well into the future. I will be recommending that through this process we seek an agency, organization, or institution that will not only lease a building, but will partner with us to provide an appropriate setting for our students with the greatest needs, who until now have placements that are out-of-district.

We will begin planning for September, 2014 to transition the Lawrence Middle School into a Lower School Grades 3-5 and an Upper School Grades 6-8. Mrs. Beach will be the Principal of the new Lower School and Mr. Perry will be Principal of the new Upper School. Mrs. Lee will remain the Principal of Number Two School for Grades 1-2.

The District is committed to an open planning process that provides all stakeholders with ongoing opportunities for input to ensure that our new structure reflects a shared vision for the future and the highest level of academic achievement.  


Superintendent's Employee of the Month

Latoya Bilbro began working as a waitress for International House of Pancakes while attending Beach Channel High School in Far Rockaway. After graduating, she continued her job at IHOP for several years then went on to become a home care attendant for the elderly. Latoya started working in the Lawrence Middle School Cafeteria through Whitson’s Food Service in 2008, and now works at Lawrence High School. With the closed campus and recent renovations to the high school cafeteria, Latoya is stationed at the new Grab and Go stand. She greets students first thing in the morning for Grab and Go breakfast and then serves Grab and Go lunch which enables students without a scheduled lunch to quickly get food to take to class. Latoya combines her experience in food service with a high level of compassion cultivated by working with the elderly, to create a special atmosphere in our successful and innovative Grab and Go program. We are happy to acknowledge Latoya Bilbro as the Superintendent’s Employee of the Month. 

Alumni of the Month

Born in New York and raised in the FiveTowns, Manting Chan is a Hong Kong-American singer and songwriter.   Since her debut EP album Musical Journey was released in July 2011 by Sony Hong Kong, Manting has been referred to as the “musical theater princess” by Hong Kong Media.    

Manting is thankful to have experienced all of her school years at Lawrence. She went from Pre-K at Number Four School to her senior year at Lawrence High where she graduated in 2004 and couldn’t have wished for a better school district to attend. Lawrence was home. She continues to reminisce about her days at Lawrence.  Manting says that the teachers were wonderful, fair, and she looked up to many.  She said, "I am forever grateful to them for sharing their knowledge and believing in my dreams before I even did. "

Her biggest dream was to become a singer and ever since the Lawrence Music Department concert performance trip to Disneyworld back in 2003, she recalls seeing an inspirational quote by Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” So Manting says, I did and I'm still working at it, because the road to success is never-ending. To remain “in the game” you need to continuously work on your craft, connect with people in your line of work, and collaborate with different artists. You need to tirelessly work on new projects to keep yourself up-to-date and stay in the eyes of the public. It is a lot of work and a test of endurance, but there it lays the beauty of it all. Kind of like the life as a student in Lawrence. Believe it or not, I had never given much thought about leaving New York to start off my career, let alone live, work, and gain success someplace else. But here I am in Hong Kong.  So never say never and don’t be afraid of what’s to come”, Lawrence has taught me that. And for that, I thank you.

Manting’s father is Chinese-Indonesian and her mother is from Fuzhou, China.   As a child she wanted to be the first Asian woman to be President of the United States or a singer.   When Disney released Aladdin the song ‘A Whole New World’ it helped shape her decision to be a singer.   Manting says she would sing the song watch the movie every day for a year. 

She entered the Metropolitan Opera Children’s Choir at the age of 10 and was chosen by the musical director Elena Doria to be one of the children singing in Puccini’s La Boheme and later Khovanshchina, a Russian opera.   It was at this point that Manting realized that she belonged on stage.  Manting released her maiden EP album in July 2011 where she wrote the music and lyrics to her song “A Boy”.   She wrote 2 songs which were featured in the movie Break up Club.   The song “One Way Ticket” written by C Kwan for Manting depicts her story of having bought a one way ticket to Hong Kong and creating a life there.  Manting is able to sing in multiple languages including Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish and English.  We are proud to recognize Manting Chan as Alumni of the Month.

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