Lawrence Primary School Soars With  Kites

First Graders Welcome Spring with Windy STEAM Experiments

LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (March 2022) — March is famously known for its windy days, so what better way to start off the spring season than by learning about the wind and its attributes? The first graders at Lawrence Primary School did just that by taking to the outdoors to learn about wind fluctuation and different ways to harness wind power.

Kites have been entertaining people for centuries, making them the perfect medium to use in creating a fun and informative lesson plan on the wind. After flying their kites, the first graders joined in discussions about how kites fly and the role the wind plays in determining how high or long a kite remains in the air.

To bring in various aspects of STEAM and in coordination with the school’s art department, students designed their own kites to test against the wind. Students conducted classroom experiments about the wind to help determine exactly how they should craft their kites.

“The level of excitement was incredible as students ran through the field to see their kites soar,” said Dawn Feigeles, first-grade teacher. “They had so much pride in their work as they watched their creations take flight!”

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Photo 1-3: The students of Lawrence Primary School test out their kites in coordination with their lessons on wind and its power.