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LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (FEBRUARY 2024)—Lawrence High School’s African American Club hosted a grand celebration in honor of Black History Month, showcasing a rich cultural heritage and talent within the school community. The event—which featured a captivating display of dance, poetry, and culinary delights—was a resounding success.

“We are thrilled to have hosted such a vibrant and engaging event in celebration of Black History Month,” said Dr. Jennifer Lagnado-Papp, Principal of Lawrence High School. “It was a joy to showcase the talent and creativity of our students and explore the rich and vital cultural heritage of African Americans.”

The highlight of the evening was the Black History Month show, during which the club’s talented dancers took center stage, mesmerizing the audience with their skill and passion. From traditional African rhythms to modern hip-hop moves, the dancers showcased a diverse range of styles that celebrated the beauty and diversity of African-American dance.

In addition to the electrifying dance performances, the showcase also featured powerful poetry reading that highlighted the struggles and triumphs of black history. Students shared moving verses inspiring reflection and appreciation for the rich cultural legacy. To top off the evening, guests were treated to a soul food dinner featuring a spread of traditional African-American cuisine.

Lawrence High School’s Black History Month Performers:

Rachel Diarhe Lisa Josiah Melodie Edwards Julia Thompson Julianna Romero Yasmine Thomas Mikayla Manning Xavier Scott Quason Vick Temetria Marcus Andrew Williams Chelsea Perard Corey Shakur Ja'nae Daily Krissy Cribbs Cheyanne Austin

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Photos 1-4: Lawrence High School’s Black History Month celebration