Students Sitting Against Wall

LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (FEBRUARY 2024)—Lawrence Middle School recently observed P.S. I Love You Day. This annual event aims to spread love, kindness, and support among students, fostering a positive and inclusive school environment. The theme for this year’s celebration was Love is Meant to be Given.

Middle school Principal Willis Perry expressed his gratitude for the active participation of students and staff. “We believe that love and kindness are powerful tools to promote mental health and create a supportive community,” Principal Perry said. “P.S. I Love You Day allows us to reinforce these values and celebrate the love we all have to give.”

As part of the activities, students in English class received purple heart Post-it notes, on which they wrote their names and the three things, activities, or people to whom they give their love. These messages were collected by the Service Learning Club, who will use them to create a vibrant mural to decorate the school.

In addition to the Post-it activity, students watched a P.S. I Love You Day video that reminded them of the importance of love, kindness, and mental health. To further promote the message of love and friendship, students were given purple bracelets and heart stickers to wear. These small tokens serve as a visual representation of the school’s commitment to fostering positive relationships and supporting one another.

During lunchtime, a photo booth was set up, providing students with an opportunity to capture moments of love and friendship. Students enthusiastically posed for pictures, showcasing their unity and spreading the message of love throughout the building.

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Photo 1: Back Row (Left to Right): Ashley Castellon, Ashley Alvarado, Jarelyn Rodas Cano, (Teacher) Lisa King, Noemi Garcia Olivo, Ayden Jagotnarain, Allen Abramov, William Galindo Giron. Front Row (Left to Right): Michaela Alexander, Layla Allen, Tianna Cunningham, Jonathan Fuchs

Photo 2:(Left to Right) Jarelyn Rodas Cano,  Layla Allen, Jonathan Fuchs, Tianna Cunningham, Ayden Jagotnarain, Noemi Garcia Olivo, William Galindo Giron, Michaela Alexander, Ashley Castellon, Allen Abramov