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Lawrence Pre-Kindergarten Students Celebrated Peaceful Letter Day

LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (JANUARY 2024)—Lawrence pre-kindergarten students recently came together to celebrate a fun and engrossing event: Peaceful Letter Day. This special day was dedicated to exploring the magical world of letters and fostering a love for literacy among young learners.

“The Peaceful Letter Day celebration was a fantastic opportunity for our pre-kindergarten students to engage in interactive learning and creativity,” said Patricia Almonaitis, Lawrence Pre-Kindergarten Director. “Through reading the book, embracing the activities, and working on the letter-building exercise,  children enhanced their literacy skills and  developed collaboration, problem-solving, and fine motor skills.”

The highlight of the day was a captivating reading session of the popular children’s book, Alphabet Mystery by Audrey Wood. The students enjoyed the story about a thrilling adventure to uncover the secrets of the missing letter “x.” Inspired by the book, the young explorers embarked on a quest to find the elusive letter, while stumbling upon other letters along the way.

The quest involved solving riddles and engaging in various activities that encouraged critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The students eagerly deciphered clues and worked collaboratively to uncover each letter’s hiding spot. In addition to searching for letters, the students also had the opportunity to showcase their creativity and construct the letter “x” as a tangible representation of their successful quest.

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Photo 1: Lawrence pre-kindergarten students, Kaylee, Jarely, and Briseliy celebrating Peaceful Letter Day Photo 2: Lawrence pre-kindergarten students, Ashley and Liam celebrating Peaceful Letter Day Photo 3: Lawrence pre-kindergarten students in Mrs. Lopes and Ms. Ramirez's class celebrating Peaceful Letter Day Photo 4: Lawrence pre-kindergarten students, Isabella and Nelson celebrating Peaceful Letter Day