Diversity Poster

LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (JANUARY 2024)—Lawrence Union Free School District pre-kindergarten students recently hosted a vibrant and educational Multicultural Day, showcasing the rich diversity and cultural heritage of their school community. The event brought together students, families, and teachers to celebrate the diverse customs and traditions in their school.

Patricia Almonaitis, Lawrence's pre-kindergarten supervisor expressed her gratitude to the families for their active participation and support. “Multicultural Day provided an invaluable opportunity for our PreK students,” Ms. Almonaitis said. “It’s so important for our youngest students to be exposed to the beautiful cultures of the world around them.”

The day's highlight was a colorful parade down the school hallway, where children proudly displayed their cultural identities. Adorned in traditional attire from their respective cultures and carrying musical instruments, students delighted the audience with their enthusiasm and pride, creating a memorable experience for everyone.

Following the parade, families were encouraged to bring an item that best represented their heritage and share it with their child’s class. This interactive activity allowed students to learn about the diverse backgrounds of their classmates and fostered a sense of understanding the respect for different cultures. From flags and symbols to traditional foods, the classrooms were filled with vibrant displays of cultural artifacts.

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