Lawrence Primary School Students Learn About Different Holidays

LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (DECEMBER  2023)—Lawrence Primary School students participated in an engaging project that took the students on a journey around the world to learn about various global holidays. The students crafted their own “suitcases” using paper bags and filled out booklets with information about the different holidays.

“Our goal is to provide our students with a comprehensive understanding of the world’s diverse cultures and traditions,” said Dr. Kristen Panzarella, Lawrence Primary School Principal. “We believe that a project such as this helps us achieve this goal, engaging our students in a fun activity that is also educational,  promoting a sense of curiosity and respect for different cultures.”

This innovative project aims to broaden the students’ understanding of diverse cultures and traditions, fostering a sense of global citizenship and respect for all cultures. The students “traveled” from country to country, learning about the unique ways people celebrate holidays around the world.

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Photo 1: Lawrence Primary School student, Victoria D. learning about Canada Photo 2: Lawrence Primary School student, Roy R. with his “suitcase” Photo 3: Lawrence Primary school student, Alberto G. with his “suitcase”