LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (NOVEMBER 2023)—The Lawrence Early Childhood Center recently hosted its UPK annual Fall Festival, a beloved tradition that brings together students, teachers, and community members to celebrate the season. This year, the event was made even more special thanks to a generous donation from Councilwoman Melissa Miller.

“Thank you to Councilwoman Miller for her generous donation. Her support greatly enhanced the Fall Festival and brought joy to our youngest students,” said Patricia Almonaitis, Lawrence Pre-Kindergarten Supervisor. “At Lawrence, we are committed to providing engaging and educational experiences for our students. The school believes that events like the Fall Festival not only bring joy and excitement to the school community but also enhance students’ learning and development.”

Councilwoman Miller donated pumpkins and fall decorations for the event, adding a festive touch to the school grounds. Her contribution allowed each student to pick their pumpkin. Students had the opportunity to explore inside their pumpkins, learning about the growth and anatomy of these seasonal fruits.

In addition to the pumpkin activities, the Fall Festival featured a fall-themed obstacle course. This fun and engaging activity allowed Lawrence's youngest learners to develop their physical skills while enjoying the crisp autumn weather. The festival concluded with a snack time, where students enjoyed apple slices while listening to a story. This quiet and cozy activity provided a perfect ending to the day, allowing students to relax and reflect on the fun they had.

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Cover: Councilwoman Melissa Miller with Lawrence pre-kindergarten students Photo 2: Lawrence pre-kindergarten student, Eliana A. with the Fall Festival decoration Photo 3: Lawrence pre-kindergarten students, Krishany and Giovanhy participating in the spider web maze Photo 4: Lawrence Mrs. Crespo’s prekindergarten class listening to stories while eating their apple slices Photo 5: Lawrence Mrs. Hodara and Ms. Velasquez prekindergarten  class