LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (NOVEMBER 2023)—Lawrence High School students recently participated in a unique educational experience in honor of National Civics Day. The students visited the Roosevelt School at Long Island University, where they were presented with a crisis scenario and tasked with deliberating on the most effective response.

“We believe that the best way to learn about civics is by doing,” said Dr. Jennifer Lagnado-Papp, Principal of Lawrence High School. “This exercise allowed our students to experience firsthand the intricacies of decision-making in a crisis, and the importance of collaboration and communication.”

The event was designed to provide students with a hands-on understanding of the complexities and challenges involved in crisis management and decision-making processes. It also aimed to foster a deeper appreciation for the role of civic engagement in our society. The crisis scenario was carefully crafted to challenge the students’ critical thinking skills, as well as their ability to work as a team and make decisions under pressure. The students were guided by faculty members who provided insights and feedback throughout the process.

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Photo 1: Front row, left to right, Brachalle Monzon, Joel Rodriguez,  Corey Shakur Jr., Ian Perez, Matthew Caparatta, Keely Mazariegos-Reyes, Blessing Ayangbesan, Tweed Roosevelt (Non-Student), Aerielle Centeno, Daniel Godoy, Meredith Maldonado, Poonam Bonsi, Eliana Perez Reyes, bottom, left to right, Eliel Morales, Wynter Content, Danica Hance, Mirriam Ertekin, Derrick Reyes Cifuentes Photo 2: Lawrence High School students observe National Civics Day at Long Island University