LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (SEPTEMBER 2023)—Lawrence High School’s student musicians showcased their exceptional musical talent at the 9/11 memorial services held at the Andrew J. Parisi Cedarhurst Park. The performances aimed to commemorate this significant day in our nation’s history and pay tribute to the brave lives lost.

“The music department at Lawrence High School has always been dedicated to fostering the artistic expression of our student musicians and using their talents to bring the community together during important events,” said Dr. Jennifer Lagnado-Papp, Principal of Lawrence High School. “It was a remarkable performance and we hope their performances honored the memory of the victims and heroes of that tragic day.”

In addition to performing at the Cedarhurst Park 9/11 ceremony, the student musicians also performed a moving concert at the high school that included various patriotic anthems and heartfelt songs. The performance evoked a sense of unity and remembrance among the students and others in the high school audience.

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Photos 1-4: Lawrence High School students in the music department performing to pay tribute to the 9/11 victims and heroes