LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (SEPTEMBER 2023)—Lawrence Elementary School, Lawrence Middle School, Lawrence Primary School, Lawrence High School, and Lawrence Early Childhood Learning Center opened their doors on Tuesday, September 5 to welcome students back for the new academic school year. “The first day of school is always a thrilling time for our students and teachers. Each year, we witness students walking through our school hallways on that first day filled with great excitement, anticipation, and high expectations for what is to come,” said Dr. Ann Pedersen, Superintendent of Schools. “The first day of school marks the beginning of a new chapter in their educational journey, and I am confident that this  will be another successful year filled with growth, achievements, and the creation of life-long friendships.”

The Lawrence Union Free School District is looking forward to the new year by committing to student academic success by continuing to implement the Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) approach developed by Franklin Covey. This approach focuses on setting clear and measurable goals that are aligned with the district’s vision and mission. The district recognizes that academic success is crucial for students’ future prospects and overall well-being. Dr. Pedersen stated, “By utilizing the WIGs approach, we aim to provide a structured framework for teachers, administrators, and students to work collaboratively towards achieving goals.” The WIG approach involves identifying a limited number of high-priority goals that will have the most significant impact on student academic success. These goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART). By setting SMART goals, the district ensures that everyone involved understands what needs to be accomplished and can track progress effectively.

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