Lawrence Primary School Students Learn About School Bus Safety

LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (SEPTEMBER 2023)—As the new school year begins, Lawrence Primary School is committed to prioritizing the safety and well-being of its students, both inside and outside of the classroom. One vital aspect of student safety is ensuring the highest standards of school bus safety.

“At Lawrence Primary School, we recognize the importance of safe transportation for our students,” said Dr. Kristen Panzarella, Lawrence Primary School Principal. “We work closely with our transportation department, bus drivers, and families to ensure strict safety protocols to protect our students during their daily commute.”

Lawrence Primary School students attended an assembly where school administrators and support staff reviewed bus and pedestrian safety. During this time, students learned about ways to stay safe while waiting for the school bus, being on the school bus, and getting off both at school and at their bus stop. Also, they spoke about how to safely walk to school with an adult and check both ways before crossing the street and staying on the sidewalk.

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Photos 1-2: Lawrence Primary School students learning about school bus safety