LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (MARCH 2023)—Lawrence Primary School students were busy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day last Friday by participating in various classroom activities and lessons with the theme of the Irish holiday. For example, students engaged in activities such as learning how to grow Leprechaun hair. The students put soil, seed, and water in plastic cups and watched their Leprechaun hair sprout.

The young learners also crafted rooms for the Leprechauns and described their room designs in writing. They also created four-leaf clovers and wrote about their former teachers and how lucky they have been to know them. During their math lesson, students created four-leaf clovers while learning how to represent numbers in a variety of ways such as pictorial, word, expanded, and standard forms.

During STEAM, Lawrence Primary School students created Leprechaun traps using their engineering skills. To end the day, the students celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a green party that included green cookies, fruits, vegetables, juices, and snacks.

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Photo 1: Lawrence Primary School students with their grown Leprechaun hair Photo 2: Lawrence Primary School students with their crafted Leprechaun room Photo 3: Lawrence Primary School students with their Leprechaun trap Photo 4: Lawrence Primary School student with her four-leaf clover Photo 5: Lawrence Primary School students during their green party