LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (FEBRUARY 2023)—The Lawrence School District prides itself on having a full education from the early years all the way to the last days of secondary education. At Lawrence UPK, acknowledging Black History Month is a priority. Teachers of Lawrence School District’s young learners are educating the students on some figures which have helped pave the way for the black community. Strengthening the understanding of the past will help these young individuals create a better future for all people.

Lawrence pre-kindergarten students focused on sharing the lasting legacies that Garret Morgan, Ruby Bridges, and Jackie Robinson showed throughout their socially impactful lives. Teachers explained how these individuals' bravery, courage, and willingness have been so impactful, resulting in commendation decades later. In addition to the three historical figures above, the students have been taught about many other African Americans: Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Harriet Tubman.

After learning about the history of black historical figures, the children participated in crafts and shared writing activities. Hearing about the legacies of Garret Morgan, Ruby Bridges, and Jackie Robinson, the children contributed their own experiences on how they have shown the characteristics that the individuals showed during their lives.

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Photo 1: Lawrence pre-kindergarten students with their finished activity sheet Photos 2-4: Lawrence's pre-kindergarten students’ activity sheet for Black History Month