Lawrence Elementary School Students Host White House Reception

LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (MARCH 2023)—In the days leading up to President’s Day, the students of Lawrence Elementary School hosted a White House Reception. Students not only had the opportunity to learn about our 46 presidents, but they were also able to portray their newfound knowledge through planned interactive experiences.

“We are always looking for new ways to get our students to participate in holidays in an educational but fun way,” said Jacqueline Beckmann, Principal of Lawrence Elementary School. “Hosting a White House Reception allowed students to research the presidents they were interested in and present their findings to their classmates. Great job to the students in Mrs. Rubenfeld and Mrs. Hurwitz’s classes for their presentations.”

To prepare for the mock reception, students researched the U.S. Presidents and first ladies of their choice. They read biographies and articles relating to their subjects’ lives and created a diary related to this project.  Within the diaries, key events regarding the Presidents’ or first ladies’ lives were included, as well as the students’ own thoughts and feelings.

Once the lesson was completed, students were encouraged to dress up as their chosen leader. They recited speeches to the class, described the major achievements of their chosen subject, and shared important facts about their lives. At the end of the mock White House Reception, students engaged and talked with each other while in character.

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Photo 1: The fourth-grade students dressed as their chosen Presidents and first ladies. Photos 2 and 3: Students recite a speech on their chosen subject Photo 4: A student dressed as former President Abraham Lincoln, reciting one of President Lincoln’s speeches.