Reading Assistant Plus flyer

Exciting News!

All Lawrence Middle School students will soon be receiving a letter invitation and headset in the mail to complete the Reading Assistant Plus Challenge. 

Reading Assistant Plus provides intensive reading practice by listening as students read each word aloud and delivers immediate support whenever a learner struggles with or mispronounces a word — reinforcing newly learned reading skills, vocabulary, and fluency. Reading Assistant Plus begins with a short activity that will gauge a learner's current reading level. It is important to take this first activity seriously, as it will help the program calculate personal settings.  

There is no limit to how much students can read on this program. During the unique circumstance we find ourselves today, it is critical for students to read appropriately leveled texts often. Please encourage your learner to read as much as possible. 

Please check your email account for an invitation to the Reading Assistant Challenge Google Classroom that explains how you can earn prizes. Not only do students have the opportunity of interactive reading software, they also have the opportunity to earn HERO points!

Happy Reading!