The STEAM Fair is an event that I look forward to every year. A demonstration of what can be achieved when our children have a simple idea and work diligently to make their idea a reality. While we will miss the excitement of navigating room to room awaiting the inspiring work behind the doors and interacting with our families - it is no less exciting to see what awaits by viewing our STEAM Fair right here!

To view our STEAM Fair, please click on the attached flyer. A brief description is provided about our Art and Technology projects you will view, as well as our STEAM Arcade. In addition, projects submitted by grade level can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate grade. I hope you enjoy!

A special thank you to the follow:

  • Dr. Pedersen and the Board of Education for their constant support in the field of STEAM
  • Mr. Perry, Mr. Kornblum, Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Tariq for contributing to the success of our annual STEAM Fair
  • The LMS staff for constantly providing the encouragement and guidance our students need to learn and grow
  • The LMS Science teachers for following up with each student to submit their work digitally
  • Stephanie Rubenfeld for always pushing our students to new levels in the field of technology and for helping to compile each students work into the videos you will see
  • Pam Gallopini and John Watts for their work to highlight our unbelievably talented music students
  • Beth Goldstein and David Lichtenstein for always finding creative techniques to teach technology and math through art