LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (JANUARY 2023)—Lawrence Early Childhood Center recently celebrated Multicultural Day. Families and early learners created collages of their country flags, food, clothing, and musical instruments. Students were also encouraged to bring in an item that will be displayed in the school’s hallway cultural museum.

“Our mission statement in Lawrence emphasizes how we are a unifying force at the heart of a cultural mosaic. We embrace the many cultures our diverse student body represents for it shapes us into who we are today,” said Patricia Almonaitis, Lawrence Pre-Kindergarten Director.

During the celebration, students paraded throughout the school hallways wearing clothing that best represented their heritage. Families also visited classrooms to share items they brought in and to speak to students about their cultural history and traditions.

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Photos 1-2: Lawrence Early Childhood Center Multicultural Day billboard Photo 3: Lawrence Early Childhood Center students wearing their cultural attire Photo 4: Lawrence Early Childhood Center students wearing their cultural attire, left to right, classroom teachers, Mrs. Crespo and Ms. Thomas Photo 5: Lawrence Early Childhood Center students parading down the hallway with their cultural attire and instrument Photo 6: Cultural items brought in by families displayed at the school’s cultural museum Photo 7: Lawrence Early Childhood Center student and family talking to the class about their culture and traditions