Lawrence Early Childhood Center Partners with Touro College of Dental Medicine for Give Kids a Smile Day

LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (OCTOBER 2023)—Lawrence Early Childhood Center, in partnership with Touro College of Dental Medicine, recently hosted a successful Give Kids a Smile Day, aimed at promoting dental health and hygiene among young students. The event was led by Dr. Asher Mansdorf, the Vice President of Lawrence Union Free School District Board of Education and who is an educator at Touro College of Dental Medicine.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with Tour College of Dental Medicine,” said Kathleen Graham, Principal of Lawrence Early Childhood Center. “It’s important for our students to understand the significance of dental health from a young age, and this event provided a fun and engaging way to do just that.”

The event provided an opportunity for Lawrence’s young learners to learn about nutrition and its impact on dental health. The students were educated on the importance of maintaining proper general hygiene and how the foods we consume can affect dental health.

In addition to the educational component, the students received dental screenings from the Touro College of Dental Medicine team. These screenings are crucial in detecting any potential dental issues early, allowing for timely intervention and treatment. The day concluded with each student receiving a goodie bag filled with dental-related items and information. These bags not only serve as a fun takeaway but also as a tool to encourage the children to practice the dental hygiene habits they learned during the event at home.

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Photo 1: Mrs. Kathleen Graham (Principal, Lawrence Early Childhood Center), Dr. Edward Farkas (Vice Dean, Touro College of Dental Medicine), Mr. Heshy Blachorsky (Trustee, Lawrence Board of Education), Dr. Ann Pedersen (Superintendent, Lawrence School District), Dr. Asher Mansdorf (Trustee, Lawrence Board of Education and Clinical Assistant Professor of Dental Medicine, Touro College of Dental Medicine), and Mr. Abel Feldhamer (Trustee, Lawrence Board of Education)

Photo 2: Faculty and Students from Touro College of Dental Medicine

Photo 3: Juliana G, Osa-Milan O, Leah S. Kevin P., and Valeria G learning about dental hygiene

Photo 4: Gerson A, Jordi B, Carina L, Anderson A, Yassiel L., and Kevin Jr. learning about dental hygiene

Photo 5 (Cover): Alexander V, Sebastian C, Cristopher J, Alicia G, Liam R, Vania F, Deepika B with teacher Jessica Eiss holding an inflatable toothbrush