Art Conf

We would like to congratulate our amazing art educator Frank Parisi, who was selected to present at this year's "Balanced Mind" conference on Tuesday, November 8th.

"The Balanced Mind Curriculum Conference (BMCC) affords educators an opportunity to receive high quality professional development in the areas of Art, Dance, Music, and Theater. Educators share ideas with colleagues across Long Island, New York with the overall aim to: ENHANCE content knowledge and pedagogical skill; PROMOTE a culture of professional inquiry; and, ADDRESS Common Core connections. "

Here's what Mr. Parisi had to share from his experience:

"This year's balanced mind conference was held at Woodland Middle School in East Meadow (my alma Mata).  It was a pleasure to be included once again in this amazing learning opportunity .Art and music teachers from around Nassau county converged to share ideas, learn new techniques and network with each other.

I offered a course in Fresco painting that incorporated ancient techniques with modern materials. Teaching other art professionals can be a very intimidating task. Will they walk away with a new understanding of the subject, or will they be bored off their gourds? Happily, most of them had never attempted this project or even had basic knowledge of the ancient technique, which made them very receptive. There was one woman from Westbury who had spent a semester in Florence studying fresco and ancient art restoration. As I lectured the class, I could see her nodding her head in agreement, and I jumped on the opportunity to illicit her vast knowledge to assist me. I walked away with a greater understanding of the art, and was grateful for her input!"