Update Monday March 16, 2020

FAQ Update as of Monday March 16, 2020 10am

Why are schools closed?

The objective of school closing is to stop the spread of the virus. With the increasing number of confirmed positive cases in Nassau County, the closing of schools is aimed to stop the upward trajectory of cases ( referred to as flattening the curve). THIS CAN ONLY HAPPEN IF WE PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING. Please be mindful of how important it is right now for us to stay away from one another. No play dates, stand at least 6' apart, wash your hands. If you have any symptoms DO NOT go to the ER or URGENT CARE without calling first. 

How are meals being provided to children during the closure of school?

Our Assistant Superintendent, Jeremy Feder,  has written to the state and our plan has been approved. Details will be posted later on Monday and the program is expected to begin Wednesday. 

How is instruction being provided?

Schools are operating under the current NYS laws, which require schools to use all vacation days prior to receiving a waiver on the 180 required school days. As such, Monday is considered a snow day and the upcoming days will be considered Spring break. If schools close for longer, which is very likely, information on online instruction will be made available.

How can I lessen my child's worries?

This is a worrisome time for all of us. Children do well with structure and routines. Consider making a list each morning to structure the day. Outside time walking, time reading, writing, creating, visiting educational websites, chores, and free time are among a menu of choices.. All of these types of activities put in an order that works for your family and decided on in the morning can help provide the structure that will help settle some nerves. Also, be be mindful and aware of the news but having children hear the same news over and over can be unsettling. Try educational channels.

Be well and we will be updating you as quickly as we can.

Thank you

Dr. Pedersen, Superintendent