Ready for School

The mission of Lawrence is to “to embrace diversity and ensure all learners reach their highest potential.” Lawrence’s location provides the unique view of planes overhead making their final approach to JFK airport. This ever-present visual serves as a reminder of our unique school community. We are brought together from diverse places, and Lawrence truly is a “cultural mosaic.”


Every community member, from the faculty and staff in our buildings to the community members throughout these Five Towns, plays a role in helping us achieve our mission. Every interaction with a child can send a positive message that they are valued and indeed are our greatest treasure. These positive messages help children reach their potential. 


Encourage the children in your life to be curious, to be readers, to be thinkers. Encourage the children in your life to be respectful and to be responsible. Encourage the children in your life to use their GRIT to overcome obstacles and their empathy to understand the feelings of others.


We are all lucky to have landed in Lawrence, and I look forward to a year filled with pride in the successes of all of our children. 


On behalf of the children, thank you for the role YOUplay in their success.




Dr. Ann Pedersen