Week of the Young Child

From Monday, April 4 to Friday, April 8, Lawrence Early Childhood Learning Center celebrated the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Week of the Young Child. The week was filled with engaging activities to celebrate early learning, young students, their teachers, families, and the community. The Week of the Young Child is an annual celebration sponsored by the NAEYC, the world’s largest early childhood education association.

“This was truly a special week of activities and lesson plans that brought our youngest learners together to read, talk, and play as a community every day,” said Lisa Tariq, Principal of Lawrence Early Childhood Center. “These young children are growing right before our eyes in every way: academically, mentally, and physically!”

On Monday, the theme was Musical Monday. Through music, the students developed math, language, and literacy skills while having fun and being active. Students also enjoyed the Lion King Show presented by the Lawrence Middle School’s Drama Club. Tuesday was Tasty Tuesday, a day dedicated to highlighting healthy eating at school and at home. The students learned about nutrition, balanced meals, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while utilizing all five MyPlate food groups.  Students completed their own Choose MyPlate sticker activity and sorted items into five categories. Work Together Wednesday was a day to highlight the importance of teamwork and cooperation. The students worked together to build towers and block cities with various materials found in the classroom. On Artsy Thursday, students engaged in open-ended art projects designed to develop fine motor skills, provide opportunities for social interaction and nurture their creativity All the Kindergarten students received a Spring bug magnetic project that they could take home upon completion. To round out the week of celebration, students and their families created family collages and shared them with the class on Family Friday. Students were also sent home with a Bubbles Family Play Plan created by the NAEYC.

“It was a special week for our young students and our staff,” said Patricia Almonaitis, Universal Pre-Kindergarten Director of Lawrence School District. “Special thank you to the families. We appreciate your involvement in our program!”

Photo 1: Lawrence Early Childhood Center students watching Lion King performance by Lawrence Middle School for Musical Monday

Photo 2: Lawrence Early Childhood Center student working on his MyPlate sticker activity for Tasty Tuesday 

Photo 3: Lawrence Early Childhood Center students worked together to build a vegetable market made out of blocks for Work Together Wednesday 

Photo 4: Lawrence Early Childhood Center students completed artwork for Artsy Thursday 

Photo 5-6: Family collages created by Lawrence Early Childhood Center students and family for Family Friday