Tasty Tuesday

We had exactly 59 Kindergarten Families join us for our Nutrition Night with Nutritionist Izabella Levi & her Guest Speaker/Pediatric Nutrition Therapist/Diabetes Management Therapist, Imma Normatova MS RD.

Our students and families learned about nutritious, balanced meals, to help their children build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This workshop emphasized the importance of an overall healthy eating pattern with all five MyPlate food groups as key building blocks. Students & families completed the Choose MyPlate Activity during the event! 

Our students & families spoke about "eating the rainbow" everyday! Students shared different color fruits & vegetables after learning the benefits of each food color! Parents were provided with suggestions to introducing new foods & strategies for promoting healthy eating at home!

Please see the Presentation from Izabella Levi & Imma Normatova here: https://docs.google.com/presen...